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Boston Bruins brawling and all round 2 way player, was involved in a dust up with Toronto Maple Leafs resident cement head Colton Orr the other night. The 2 came together at a faceoff during the first period of a Boston home tilt vs the loafing and abysmal Leafs. The 2 gladiators eagerly and quickly dropped their hockey mittens and let the fur fly.

The battle was actually a good give-and-take dust up.

Book signing tonight at 6 PM at the Gatorade Garden Centre in St Catharines!

I’ll also be dropping the puck @7:30 for the game between Niagara Ice Dogs and Brampton Batallions. See you all there!

8 Gale Crescent, st Catharines!

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The torch has been passed, for all to see. The likes of Martin Brodeur, Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer and Brendon Morrow have held it high and proudly but it will be the last olympics for all four. Brodeur may be the greatest goalie of all time and was, once and for all, relegated to the bench while passing the goaltending kings crown to Roberto Luongo. Pronger, Niedermayer and Morrow started the tournament out very slow but all three showed guts and valour this afternoon in British Columbia securing Canada a gold medal. Pronger who I thought was lethargic the first couple games of the tournament proved his metal this afternoon against the Americans. Scott Neidermayer was sensational and easily the best defenceman on the ice for Canada.

Taking their places are the young and frisky horses who’ve kicked down the barn door and made everyone take a strong look at them. Jonathan Toews, Drew Doughty, Shea Weber and Duncan Keith are the young men to whom the elders have passed the hopes of a hockey-crazy country.

How good was Canada?? Sid The Kid was not his usual dominanting self – and to say it like it is – Crosby was not Canadas best player. That honour went to Jonathan Toews who went from the 13th forward on the roster to a young man trusted on the ice in the last minute of play. Doughty and Weber simply dominated the entire tournament. Number 87 was held in check so closely that im sure his opponents could tell you his brand of cologne. Luongo, although not overly worked, proved he is a winner. I have stood in front of cameras across Canada telling all that this is the man. He should finally get his do. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.